Jayant Yadav – Cricketer , Profile , Score Card , Batting Or Bowling Career

Bowler  – Jayant Yadav Cricketer , Profile , Score Card , Batting Or Bowling Career

Jayant Yadav is an international cricketer from India.  He was born on 22 January 1990 (age 30 years), in Mumbai (Delhi). Now his age is 30 years.

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Jayant Yadav – Cricket Profile Personal Information 

  • Born –  

Jan 22, 1990 (30 years)

  • Birth Place  –


  • Batting style –                                                             


  • Bowling Style
Right-arm offbreak

Jayant Yadav Dashing Intro Career , Records 


JAYANT YADAV is an Indian fast bowler, who currently plays for Haryana in the Indian cricket circuit. He is a left-handed all-rounder, and bats right-hand batsmen. He has played five Test matches and two ODIs for India so far.

Cricket is not only a game where players score runs but also win games. The team that wins the most matches is the winner. This is why many people from all over the world have started to take cricket as seriously as football and basketball.

What makes JAYANT YADAV stands out in the field of cricketers from his team? Well, he seems to be an all round player who does a bit of everything. He seems to get the job done and do it well. However, he is not the best in the field; and there are times when you need a little help. What can he do for you?

Bowling: There is no doubt about it, JAYANT YADAV is a great bowler. He can bowl a hundred with the ball. But then, he is not a top-class spinner. There are times when he needs to use his legs to bowl out of the side.

Run bowling: JAYANT YADAV is not an aggressive spinner. He likes to bowl one or two runs every other ball. However, if you can make him bowl more runs in one over, it is okay.

Batting: JAYANT YADAV is not a very good batsman. Sometimes, he tries to hit too many singles. At times, he makes a lot of mistakes with the bat and gets out. He may also try to make big scores in a single over.

Fielding: The fielding is where JAYANT YADAV shines. However, sometimes, he is not even good enough to play at the non-striker’s end. He often gets caught out at midwicket and this leads to many runs going to the other end of the field.

You must remember that there are plenty of batsmen in his team who make it difficult for him to score runs. The fielders and batsmen of his team might make a lot of mistakes. So, you have to make sure that your fielders give you the best chance of scoring runs against JAYANT YADAV.

Strike rates: JAYANT YADAV has a lot of good bowlers around him. He will have to face them all in the same match. That is why there are some very good bowlers in his side.

The bowlers are very good at keeping wickets, so they will keep all your batsmen happy. JAYANT YADAV has many options to choose from to bowl the ball, so you will always find something to bowl against him.

Bowling averages: JAYANT YADAV has some of the best bowlers in the country. He will have to face them all in the same match. So, he will have to bowl his best bowling all through the match.


Bowling averages will show you how good the bowlers are bowling in the same match. You can get the idea from this. JAYANT YADAV has very few bowlers who will bowl his ball perfectly all through the match, so his bowling averages will be quite low in the same match.


Remember, Jayant Yadav has a lot of bowlers around him and so it may not be easy for him to score all through the match. But, if he uses the best bowlers, then he can still score a lot of runs.


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You can also expect some more quick bowlers from Yadav. He might be able to bowl more than fifty overs in a game.


Fielders: This is one aspect that will affect the outcome of the match. If you want to bowl your best, then you have to make sure that you have the right fielders and bowlers in the field.


Remember, there are a lot of fielders in his team who will make it difficult for you to score runs. So, you will have to make sure that you have good fielders around you who can put the ball into the right part of the field.


Batting & Bowling Career And Records

Batting Career Summary
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Bowling Career Summary
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